Shop front costs from JFK

Hi Heath, this has come back from Angelo at JFK....


Small text too small to laser cut and illuminate. To supply and install 800mm x 500mm x 50mm laser cut aluminium with push thru lettering FEEL and illuminated diamond and halo  illumination, Powder coated blue, Small text is applied white vinyl - £ 2095.00 plus vat. To supply  and install double sided projecting sign constructed as above and 80mm in depth to be installed on the same instruction £1725.00 Plus vat.

As discussed both facia diamond and the protruding diamond made into light boxs (as thin as possible) from steel. The lettering laser cut and lit from within. The edge (white line 10mm) should glow also. The inner area powder coated and painted Blue. The wiring from the protruding box hidden within the single strut. The wiring for the facia to be considered.  


To supply and install 10mm white 069 gloss acrylic letters diamond shaped with 3mm stud fixings to allow 70mm stand off small text in white applied vinyl text = £ 896.00 plus vat. Projecting sign as above. To supply LED lighting, diffuser and driver to fit to wooden light trough by others (we would need to co-ordinate with joiner/carpenter) on same instruction = £ 580.00 plus vat. 

To supply above as Stainless steel and powder coat white in this small size would be too heavy and difficult to pin fix.


Not Possible at this size (FEEL approx 96mm ) Would not retain gas. Could not replicate font in neon.

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